Labrador Technology

Creating trusted, long-lasting partnerships with transparent IT Project Management

Partnering with IT solutions integrators and service providers

As a vendor-agnostic firm, Labrador doesn’t resell solutions. But we do have valued relationships with a wide variety of trusted equipment manufacturers and solutions providers, with whom we work to achieve the varied and complex goals of our clients. Our partnerships with these vendors promote constant dialogue around best practices and the latest industry developments and trends, and working together keeps Labrador on the leading edge of the latest solutions that benefit our clients. Likewise, our vendor partners benefit from our expertise and well-honed methods.

Intersecting technology with how people work, for relationships that last well past the engagement at hand.

Labrador has a long and successful track record of consulting with architects, owner representatives and facilities planners, to integrate complex IT initiatives with space planning and real-estate-driven efforts.

We partner with design stakeholders to ensure that technology and candidate technology solutions are strategically integrated into space planning, to enhance the needs and habits of people in the workplace, and by extension, the efficiency of the company.

Labrador brings the latest thought leadership on the intersection of technology and work-friendly environments, to client-focused consulting engagements with our space-development partners. Working the human element into the programming process from the beginning helps our partners and clients realize maximum value — and eliminates redesign later on.

And the real beneficiaries of these partnerships? Our clients.

If Labrador recommends a partner, we stay involved to see the initiative through from beginning to end. Because false starts, unforeseen delays and rework don’t just impact clients, they affect everyone involved in the process. So we bring our expertise, open, communicative style, and our Traction Methodology approach to IT project management to every project, to ensure that the parties work seamlessly to accomplish the common goal of a successful engagement.

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Great IT project management needs individual and collective accountability.

Whether joining a design team in a space-driven initiative or identifying a trusted solutions provider to solve a business need, Labrador holds itself and its partners accountable to clients and their representatives for the success of a project.

We ensure that a project’s scope and strategy are clearly defined, potential risks are addressed up front, costs are controlled, the process is seamless, and the outcome is of the highest quality.