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Creating a space strategy that creates
the workplace of the future.

Maximizing transformation

From telecommuting to mobile workforces to remote collaboration, the way your workspace will be used is shaped long before a single hammer is swung or the first blueprint is drafted. Labrador helps clients before, during, and after projects around the built environment to strategically consider how workplace technology will affect their business. We:

  • Work with clients before and during programming to understand how they work, and how workplace technology will unlock productivity and increase their competitive edge.
  • Provide detailed design and project management services during corporate relocations, renovations, and expansions.
  • Follow through by leading technology Pilot phases to ensure new solutions are effectively integrated into the corporate culture.

Minimizing disruption

Our expertise allows us to anticipate your needs – and the needs of the transformation. From site selection to planning technology to facilities integration, Labrador can work in concert with your design team, manage vendors to implement appropriate and cost-effective technology solutions, help key players understand how technology will impact a space, ensure proper planning for critical rooms and data centers, and deliver on time and on budget.

Collaboration strategy and design

Developing a collaboration strategy will prepare your workplace for the technology of today and tomorrow. But getting there requires more than just installing displays in conference rooms. There are an overwhelming number of tools available, some focused on text, some on video, some on individual communication, some on group interaction. Working as a consultant, not a reseller, we help clients explore what collaboration tools are best for them by promoting dialog about how clients work, what’s important to a business, what kinds of internal and external factors should influence strategy, and more. Then we identify solutions that enhance current operations based on use cases. Each use case is specific to clients and their various lines of business and translates into specific returns on your collaboration investments.

We also appreciate how these options affect space programming, workplace strategy, and the existing corporate culture and IT department. Guiding our clients and partners through a collaboration strategy engagement helps bridge the gap between technology and programming in a way that enables our clients to make well-informed decisions about workplace technology.

Corporate relocations, renovations and expansions

Handling the complex technologies and multiple vendors of relocating, renovating or expanding an office is a specialized skill. Your IT department is already busy with day-to-day operational responsibilities, but Labrador Technology tackles these projects on a daily basis. With a deep history of strong partnerships within the design community, we work closely with architects, owners’ representatives and facilities’ departments to gracefully represent your internal IT team’s interests and manage workspace transformation.

Labrador bridges the gap between technology and construction. From gathering user requirements through providing Day-One support, we’re your single consultant for the entire engagement, partnering with all of the project team’s stakeholders (architects, owner’s representatives, facilities managers and IT) to ensure project goals are defined and met every step of the way.

Structured cabling and IT room design

You need an IT infrastructure that’s secure, reliable and highly available to quickly respond to new business demands and the technology required to support those demands. We also need a 360-degree view of your technology strategy, business, and infrastructure requirements in order to make the most appropriate structured cabling recommendations. The planning process ensures that current services are delivered to users efficiently and that you are well positioned for new technologies converging on your network.

Labrador’s industry-certified team takes a holistic view of the services you’re currently running and technologies that are on the horizon to help you design and implement the right structured communications infrastructure for your company. We focus on delivering solutions that are flexible, resilient and prepare you for the future.

Conference center, board room and media center design

Audio-visual systems are increasingly relied upon in today’s workspace to aid in the collaborative process and to help connect remotely located workers. Labrador works with you to understand how your business stakeholders plan to use these collaborative spaces. We then coordinate with your designer team to arrive at the most appropriate mix of sophisticated technology and cost-effective solutions, for a conferencing facility that meets all the functional goals of your space – current and future – while integrating elements of lighting, acoustics, furniture, layout and décor.

Labrador can help plan, design and implement:

  • Speech & program reinforcement
  • Projectors
  • Interactive displays & whiteboards
  • Video conferencing
  • Large-scale display systems
  • Room and lighting control systems

Trade floor and other specialty designs

Different business units have various tolerances for downtime and technology curves, especially when it comes to the fast moving world of Trading. We respect that trade floor users are critical to business and that downtime on the trade floor equals lost profit. Trading floors demand high availability, security, reliability and resiliency for all of their specialized technology services, and Labrador can help clients make informed decisions on what infrastructure they should provide for their traders.

Our trading floor experts can help:

  • Plan, design and execute state-of-the-art trading floors
  • Ensure the underlying infrastructure supports technology requirements
  • Manage multi-monitor desk configurations, market data services, turrets, voice recording, “hoot-and-holler” features, virtual desktops, video conferencing, and more.

Safety and security in the workplace

Working with client needs in mind, Labrador plans detailed security systems and prepares RFPs to obtain competitive quotes. Then we project manage through installation, to ensure every facet of security is in place. Physical security design services include the planning, design and installation oversight of:

  • Access control
  • Intrusion detection / Alarm monitoring
  • CCTV systems

Retail and satellite office infrastructure and facilities planning

Many Labrador Technology clients have multiple sites in the U.S. and around the world. Our professionals are able to design office build-outs, both large and small, which adhere to national and international industry codes and standards. Because we understand – and create – client specific domestic and global standards, we’re able to take this service a step further to ensure consistency of client IT and end-user experience. When opening a retail store, our clients expect a customer and back office experience that’s consistent with their other stores. The same holds true for satellite offices – our clients want the employee experience to match that of their corporate headquarters.

Labrador Technology is an effective partner in your national and global rollouts. We have relationships with vendors, contractors and suppliers around the world and can be your local presence, managing and controlling build quality no matter where the rollout is. Working with Labrador as a strategic partner will expedite the build process, increase the consistency and quality of the end product, and reduce costs by eliminating the learning curve.

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Programming a workplace of the future is both a forward-looking and pragmatic effort. We ensure that technology strategy is planned up front, alongside space programming, and not treated as an afterthought.

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