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Designing a Better Workplace

The right workplace technologies can help you realize new levels of employee efficiency and effectiveness. But how can you determine which investments will be best for your business given your budget, user needs, current technology, and business goals? The answer is WorkplaceUX™— Labrador Technology’s agenda-driven approach to helping you make strategic technology decisions that transform how people work.

Make Strategic, Employee-Centered Technology Investments

Using the WorkplaceUX™ approach, our consultants facilitate conversations with different groups of employees about different aspects, or pillars, of technology in the workplace. The first three pillars align with spaces — private meeting places, shared areas, and spaces like cubicles where people work. The following three focus on how technologies impact culture — specifically, how people access information, get technical support, and cultivate a sense of community.

Through conversations with employees about these aspects of technology, our consultants understand and document what’s working for your people today, what’s not, and what they want to be able to do to work more effectively, but can’t due to technology limitations. These insights are used to define user-centric requirements and make technology recommendations.

Invest with Confidence in Vendor-Neutral Recommendations

As vendor-neutral consultants, we do not support or sell specific solutions; rather, we align the best technology options to meet real user needs. We also offer workshops where we share our findings and recommendations step by step, engage in followup conversations on difficult decisions, and take you on tours of solution experience centers to validate solution options. Requirements and information about technologies you ultimately choose can be shared with stakeholders in IT, HR, or real estate to ensure proper planning and execution.