Labrador Technology

A holistic approach to the complexities
of technology architecture.

We work to understand and define client needs, then build the systems to serve them.

Labrador partners with clients to make sure they have the technology architecture in place to align with the evolving needs of their business. We ensure system architectures are flexible, adaptable, resilient, and compatible with existing business processes and future business goals. Labrador’s industry-certified professionals have the technical knowledge and industry expertise to design complex data centers, network, voice, AV and security systems that support client business goals holistically.

Data center architecture

We help our clients understand and define their needs, including how modular a data center architecture should be and how it can best meet specific requirements for IT availability, uptime, change management, consolidation, virtualization and automation.

We then lead the process of connecting the elements into a complete picture, including:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Server infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Enterprise application delivery
  • Physical connectivity
  • Power, cooling and physical security

Network architecture

As the platform that connects your people and assets, your network architecture needs to keep pace with your business. You want a network architecture that’s reliable and flexible, cost effective and scalable, and our consultants excel at understanding how networks can be configured to best support unique business goals. We can lead you through the options that should inform the top level of your network architecture, then break it down into the details around: topology (logical and physical), IP structure, QoS, routing, mobility, monitoring and management, and security.

WAN architecture

Labrador also designs robust WAN architectures for our clients, considering logical topology, physical topology, routing protocols, failover strategies, remote access and bandwidth needs. With relationships and experience in the carrier world, we ensure your circuit contracts are competitive and you receive appropriate SLAs that match the best of the market and are in line with business needs.

IT security architecture

Your IT security strategy requires dedicated and comprehensive approach to protect your data, infrastructure and applications. It also needs to align with your business. Threats are constantly evolving but reacting to individual developments in a piecemeal fashion does not position you for success. Our consultants help you come up with a disciplined and coherent approach to IT security by addressing architecture solutions that enable your enterprise to address current and new concerns.

Voice system architecture

As voice solutions – fundamental to every business – continue to evolve, so has the opportunity for integration with multiple tools such as voicemail, chat, email, CRM, extension mobility and mobile devices. But more complex than the unified communications solutions offered, are the varying degrees of platform architectures that companies need to choose between to suit their voice strategy. Voice system considerations are influenced by fundamental decisions such as: How should services be delivered? And, how robust should call control and carrier circuits be to meet uptime requirements for voice services?

Labrador Technology can help your business answer these fundamental questions and select the most appropriate, feature-rich voice systems and functionality appropriate to your needs.

We provide product analysis, selection advice, design and implementation services for:

  • Multi-site IP and traditional PBX systems
  • Voicemail
  • Call centers
  • Trader telephony including TDM, VoIP, and SIP turrets, hoot and holler, automatic ring downs
  • Voice recording

Audio-visual design

In addition to helping clients determine the collaboration strategy that best supports their business, Labrador also works to translate that strategy into appropriate audio visual solutions. Labrador works with designers and architects to document the AV facilities for each project – from revolutionary to cost-effective – considering all the details surrounding technology, lighting, acoustic, layout and décor components.

Labrador can help to plan, design and implement:

  • Speech & program reinforcement
  • Projectors
  • Electronic whiteboards
  • Video conferencing
  • Large-scale display systems
  • Room control and lighting control tie in

Physical security design

Physical security is a critically important aspect of technology architecture, especially to our mid-level and enterprise clients. We ensure all client systems and building systems integrate seamlessly, from creating detailed designs and RFP documents to soliciting competitive quotes and then managing the installation.

Our physical security design services include:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV Systems
  • Biometric Readers, Physical Security Strategy, etc.

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With Labrador’s technology architecture services, clients bridge the gap between remote locations, integrate disparate systems, and align IT systems with their business goals.

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