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Creating stable, secure, future-ready data centers

The critical nature of an organization’s data center makes it one of the most important investments – technically, strategically and financially – in business today. Labrador’s deep experience leading data center builds in private and collocation facilities will ensure your data center is planned to meet business objectives, developed to incorporate infrastructure and environmental realities, and overseen in extensive detail, to maintain operational stability during your project and into the future.

Data center feasibility study

Labrador’s Feasibility Consulting engagement allows clients to quickly and confidently understand their data center needs and build a business case and road map for moving forward. This service includes the following activities:

  • Understand client business goals and appropriate technology roadmap;
  • Provide guidance to create a high level technology plan for the data center;
  • Develop low/medium/high options associated with the technology plan, including various levels of redundancy, scalability, flexibility and diversity;
  • Create RoM budget ranges for options presented;
  • Deliver a feasibility study report synthesizing findings and allowing the business case for moving forward with a data center strategy to be presented to management;
  • Gather the requirements needed to move forward with data center site selection.

Data center strategy & planning consulting

Labrador’s Strategy & Planning Consulting engagement allows clients to build a business case, select their site, and prepare for detailed design and implementation of their data center project. For clients looking to develop a strategy and a detailed execution plan, this service expands on the Feasibility Study engagement activities (described above) to include the following:

  • Use site selection criteria to develop site strategy and choose between co-lo vs. private, availability requirements and associated Uptime Institute’s Tier Levels, specific site selection, etc.;
  • Develop LAN/WAN/SAN/Voice/Server and Physical layer requirements;
  • Document and approve schematic designs for each technology selected;
  • Create detailed budgets for each technology selected;
  • Gather and document all requirements needed to move forward into detailed design and construction.

Data center design and construction oversight

Taking the outputs from your Strategy and Planning engagement, we lead the next phase in your data center project’s lifecycle by developing detailed designs and providing oversight to build the infrastructure, install equipment, and migrate services within your site. Clients gain from Labrador’s technical design expertise and proven methodology within the data center space. Included in this service are:

  • Full sets of RFP and specification documents for Network, Systems and Storage solutions;
  • Full sets of RFP and specification documents for Physical layer elements, including structure cabling, cabinets and pathways;
  • Vendor negotiations on behalf of our clients, including VARs, Colo providers, Carriers and contractors;
  • Construction oversight, quality control and coordination;
  • Close-out package for knowledge transfer to operational stakeholders.

Data center project management

Labrador’s depth of expertise in data centers extends beyond design and into our core strength in project management. Clients leverage Labrador to lead critical data center projects and turn data center strategy and design into a reality. We provide detailed project planning, reporting, cost and quality control, and reduce the drain on internal resources during these critical initiatives:

  • Vendor negotiation and management on behalf of our clients, including VARs, Colo providers, Carriers and contractors;
  • Management of internal client teams responsible for project activities;
  • Detailed implementation project management, reporting, coordination and quality control;
  • Detailed schedule and risk register created and maintained throughout the project;
  • Budget created and monitored throughout project lifecycle;
  • Overall delivery of the data center: this service is centered on providing a data center that is up, running and delivering the services you planned for, and ensuring all documents and knowledge has been transferred to your operations staff.

Data center connectivity management

Though we’ll always be here when you need us, Labrador has developed a suite of tools and processes to help our clients understand and manage their data center once the change event is complete and the site is in operation. We’ll:

  • Document, map and help you understand all physical connectivity: port by port records for all telco/WAN, LAN, and SAN connections, including all physical components such as patch cords, structured cabling ties, port replication, etc. within the data center;
  • Produce a detailed data center manual that your operations staff will use to efficiently troubleshoot and add connections going forward;
  • Create a database for ongoing maintenance by the client staff or hosted by Labrador;
  • Manage the knowledge transfer to your operations staff.

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Data center design, build outs and migrations are a significant facility and technology investment that require extensive, detailed planning and oversight. Our experience leading data center builds in dedicated and collocation facilities ensures clients:

  • Are able to make well-informed decisions about future flexibility
  • Understand the tradeoff between day-one costs and future capabilities
  • Will have a data center that meets all their business objectives
  • Will have a smooth, stable transition during migration.

Labrador manages all aspects of the critical elements of data center architecture including:

  • Network Architecture
  • WAN Architecture
  • IT Security Architecture

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