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Collaboration awareness consulting to modernize the workplace and fit the millennial workforce.

The Challenge: Develop a workspace technology strategy that will improve the client’s bottom line

An enterprise client needed a workplace technology strategy that fit its business. They wanted to foster collaboration and innovation while also considering the demographics of their workforce, engaging baby boomers and millennials alike. With hundreds of stores across the United States, a range of business units, and other internal and external factors, they needed a flexible and robust strategy — while also needing to find their first step forward.

The Solution: Understand the workforce dynamics and client business goals, then create a forward-thinking plan for workspace transformation

Labrador’s strategic thinking and process-oriented consulting proved to be the right combination for this client. Labrador led client business stakeholders through an awareness engagement to understand current processes with the potential to be significantly enhanced by new workplace technology.

We conducted focus group sessions and in-depth stakeholder interviews, spanning topics such as current technology, operational practices, and employee logistics. We then mapped these factors to collaboration solutions, detailing potential impact on the client’s operational and strategic goals. Further, Labrador presented strategies to capitalize on these ROIs in a way that aligned with the client’s culture of proving and prioritizing initiatives before rolling them out enterprise wide.

Unique Opportunity: Putting strategy into practice in an upcoming workspace project

Labrador also presented strategies to integrate the analysis from the collaboration awareness engagement into an upcoming workspace project. We synthesized the findings for facilities and IT stakeholders to help them see the direct correlation between technology, business process, and their plans for the upcoming build-out.

The Result: Labrador kept analysis grounded in the client’s specific business, and:

  • Identified ‘use cases’ to highlight current inefficiencies that affect the client’s workforce, and how collaboration solutions can address them;
  • Mapped candidate technology solutions to business needs and opportunities for increased productivity and lower overhead;
  • Presented evaluation methods for a proof-of-concept effort to help quantify and qualify solutions’ ROIs and also reduce any learning curves;
  • Charted a course for the client to both address current inefficiencies and tap into their millennial workforce via forward looking collaboration tools;
  • Developed a collaboration strategy for a new office space with the client’s architect and facilities stakeholders.
Our client got first-hand proof of the value of our services in terms of ROI and an improved employee experience, which translates into better service for their customers and a healthier bottom line.”

– Thomas Bradbury, CEO Labrador Technology

About Labrador Technology

Labrador Technology is an IT consulting firm that solves complex business issues for enterprise and mid-size organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Based in New York City, Labrador’s IT strategy consulting, technical design services and technology program management help solve the business, facility and technology needs of: retail, financial services, healthcare, education and legal companies. In a fast-changing, hyper-competitive global economy, Labrador guides the complex interdependencies of technology to simplify challenges, optimize changes, and connect systems, freeing clients to focus on their core business.