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Strategic and complex Data Center Design for one of the world’s largest hedge funds

The Challenge: Design a cutting-edge data center flexible enough to handle multiple platforms.

This client’s existing data centers were approaching their maximum capacity – both in terms of actual space and the platforms that could be supported.  The client developed a roadmap calling for a new data center, but hadn’t yet determined the systems they would populate it with.  But the project couldn’t wait; so with a limited timeframe, the Labrador team was charged with designing a highly adaptable data center infrastructure, flexible enough to handle the range of emerging platforms that the client was considering.

The Solution: Ask the right questions, and generate a sophisticated approach to tackling the unknown.

Labrador’s broad experience with data center design and expertise in extracting requirements through thoughtful discussions and important questions ensured that the client’s over-arching goals were being met. The client was able to move forward with confidence despite not having finalized decisions from internal stakeholders. By performing a robust requirements gathering process, and developing both the strategic and tactical needs of the data center design, Labrador was able to employ innovative designs in a rapid timeframe.

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This project began just as a new unified computing system was entering the market. The client had a strategy for piloting the new platform; but results wouldn’t be available until after the data center was built. In addition to not having a standard server platform, as with most data center engagements, redundancy, security, and future proofing were extremely important to this financial services company that manages more than $100 billion in assets.

The Result: A uniquely tailored solution and thoroughly managed project that:

  • Was deployed on time and within budget because of Labrador’s robust requirements-gathering process;
  • Was flexible enough to accommodate newer unified computing systems or traditional server topologies;
  • Utilized innovative concepts such as contingency patching trays and centralized connectivity frames, for maximum flexibility;
  • Implemented customizable cabinets to house a range of specific equipment;
  • Future proofed connectivity by building in the capability to move to 40/100Gb Ethernet without a forklift upgrade
Without you we wouldn’t have been able to do this project. We didn’t have our act together and you asked great questions that made us…quickly develop plans for what we would be doing.”

– Data Center Senior Project Manager

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