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Establishing IT infrastructure standards to simplify the worldwide rollouts of a leading luxury retailer.

The Challenge: Stop draining time and resources re-inventing the wheel with every store rollout

A world-renown luxury retail leader had a longstanding dilemma: Every new store was treated like a new project, resulting in different levels of consistency and quality from store to store. With no clear requirements or standards, each new set of contractors was left to their own devices to build the retail store to their own specifications. The result? Inefficient pricing, inconsistent design, inferior quality, frustrated personnel, and wasted time.

The Solution: Global standards to ensure consistent design, superior quality, and a streamlined process

Labrador was brought on in the wake of a high-profile project that had gone off the rails, to develop clear IT infra-structure standards and store planning requirements to ensure a uniform process for making future physical store expansions seamless.

A standardized set of requirements keeps vendors accountable, delineates who does what and when, and closes gaps in communication, reducing IT and facilities’ staff time and frustration. Standardizing store planning also allows for significant savings through material manufacturer bulk purchasing. Additionally, creating a corporate handbook for store builds enables easier network and systems’ configurations and administration.

Creating effective global standards

The documentation Labrador published needed to be consistent enough to lock down store look and function, as well as a standard portfolio of applications, security systems and more…yet flexible enough to accommodate a range of retail store sizes, configurations and locations around the world.

After years of hands-on experience, Labrador understands the scope and reach of global standards, and knows the value of precise detail. Labrador was able to develop consistently effective guidelines for this quality retailer, regardless of the specific vendors, the site, or the location.

The Result? Our very satisfied client is now able to:

  • Achieve global pricing with specific products and standardized manufacturers’ specs;
  • Free up staff time to focus on their normal operational responsibilities, rather than time-intensive buildouts;
  • Expedite the rollout process for retail boutiques by having standard documentation to deliver to the design and construction team.
They listened to our needs and made recommendations….They were honest on their delivery timeframe and kept us updated with their progress; it’s been a great experience.”

– Strategic Services Manager

About Labrador Technology

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