Labrador Technology

Labrador Technology Case Studies

Global IT Infrastructure Standards Case Study

Establishing IT infrastructure standards to simplify the worldwide rollouts of a leading luxury retailer. »

A world-renown luxury retail leader had a longstanding dilemma: Every new store was treated like a new project, resulting in different levels of consistency and quality from store to store. With no clear requirements or standards, each new set of contractors was left to their own devices to build the retail store to their own specifications. The result? Inefficient pricing, inconsistent design, inferior quality, frustrated personnel, and wasted time.

Data Center Design Migration Case Study

From Data Center Design to PMO, for a leading U.S. stock exchange. »

An entrepreneurial, “get it done” culture had always served our client’s IT department well. When faced with a major new platform launch and data center project, however, it became apparent that streamlined processes and precise documentation were necessities for this electronic stock exchange. Not only are they one of the largest equities exchanges in the U.S. with hundreds of customer connections, they support their platform with a highly complex and redundant environment.

Workspace Transformation Case Study

Collaboration awareness consulting to modernize the workplace and fit the millennial workforce. »

An enterprise client needed a workplace technology strategy that fit its business. They wanted to foster collaboration and innovation while also considering the demographics of their workforce, engaging baby boomers and millennials alike. With hundreds of stores across the United States, a range of business units, and other internal and external factors, they needed a flexible and robust strategy — while also needing to find their first step forward.

Strategic and Complex Data Center Design Case Study

Strategic and complex Data Center Design for one of the world’s largest hedge funds »

This client’s existing data centers were approaching their maximum capacity – both in terms of actual space and the platforms that could be supported. The client developed a roadmap calling for a new data center, but hadn’t yet determined the systems they would populate it with. But the project couldn’t wait; so with a limited timeframe, the Labrador team was charged with designing a highly adaptable data center infrastructure, flexible enough to handle the range of emerging platforms that the client was considering.