Labrador Technology

Our vendor-agnostic approach sets us apart from any technology integrator.

Labrador’s best interests are always tied to your best interests.

Labrador Technology’s primary objective is to make a positive impact for our clients through our thought leadership. Unlike traditional technology integrators, we don’t resell hardware or software, so our solutions don’t depend on any product our clients may purchase. Our bottom line is tied to the service we give you, that’s it.

It’s what we call our vendor-agnostic approach.

Some very successful solutions providers tout their expertise and thought leadership, but their service is wrapped around the specific benefits of the hardware or software they resell. If a consulting service is engineered around a particular income-generating hardware, license or installation service, is it truly a consulting solution? And is it in the very best interest of a client?

At Labrador, we understand that every client’s situation is unique, so their solutions should be unique as well. We have no ties to specific manufacturers or vendors, and are 100% free to act in the best interest of our clients. This allows us to identify the best vendors and solutions, ensuring that each client gets exactly what they need for their particular situation.

Unlike an integrator or VAR, Labrador doesn’t rely on a small list of “preferred vendors” to identify potential solutions for our clients. Instead, we look to a global network of strategic partners, and lead a rigorous and transparent vetting and bidding process, so you can be confident that our recommendations are unbiased and in the best interests of your technology ROI.

As your project consultant, Labrador:

  • Produces comprehensive specifications for the service or product needed;
  • Evaluates vendor capabilities/strengths/specialties and compiles a list of qualified, vetted vendors;
  • Sends the specifications out for transparent bids;
  • Answers questions, analyzes the incoming proposals and ranks the resulting bids;
  • Recommends the best solution;
  • Continues to oversee the integration and implementation as appropriate and determined together as a team;
  • Supervises a thorough knowledge transfer so that our clients are confident using their solutions for years to come.
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…The Labrador team…represented our firm’s concerns in meetings, provided suggestions, many of which were implemented by the data center provider even though they had their own subject matter experts. At one point we experienced a problem – the fault of another provider – and Labrador knew exactly who to call to…determine a solution and assure that we were protected against future incidents.”

– Chief Information Officer, Financial Services Firm