Labrador Technology

IT strategy and program management that helps every client move forward.

Labrador works to achieve what the client needs and helps us get there by staying connected to the goal, while also being open and engaging on ideas and suggestions.”

– Technology Manager, Financial Services Firm

The Labrador folks treat our issues like they’re their own. They always have the best interest of the customer in mind—I specifically mean that their first thoughts are to solve the problem or complete the job correctly and not to figure out unnecessary services that can be added onto to your project. They’re not there to try and sell you more services; they’re resourceful and they deliver.”

– CIO, Financial Technology Firm

I’ve worked with Labrador for years on a variety of infrastructure, telco, trading desk and space initiatives. They’re flexible, dynamic, unbiased, goal oriented, they’ve got reach. And their team ends up feeling like a natural extension of the internal project teams.”

– Technology Manager, Leading Hedge Fund

The Labrador team has proven to us that when they say they’re going to do something, they do it. They’re dedicated, and there’s no chasing them down.”

– Strategic Services Manager, Retail

They promised us people who knew what they were doing and would stand side by side with us, and they absolutely delivered.”

– VP of IT, Financial Services Firm

As a smaller firm they’re able to provide that boutique style of niche service to their customers, yet they’re prepared like an enterprise level provider. And they’ll do whatever is necessary to maintain their level of customer focus.”

– CIO, Electronic US Equities Exchange

I’ve used several-hundred service providers over the years. The good service providers are attentive, responsive and have a great attention to detail, like Labrador. Our relationship is successful because of Mike Bruckmann: Mike makes himself available at any time. He immediately responds and if there’s an issue he attempts to fix it, not place blame.”

– Chief Technology Officer, Financial Services Firm

Labrador has the expertise, flexibility and wherewithal to take on any project where technology and physical space intersect.”

– Vice President of IT, Financial Services Firm

Labrador understood that they needed to get this done with very little input on our part. Similar cases with other firms have resulted in significant disruptions of my staff productivity as well as substantial costs to facilitate additional efforts with independent contractors.”

– CIO, Electronic Equities Exchange Firm

The project managers at Labrador are willing and able to take on any project or task I set in front of them. They have a great attention to detail and I don’t have to worry about a project once I give it to them; they’re completely reliable.”

– CTO, Leading Global Asset Management Firm

They improve the quality of our business.”

– CIO, Financial Technology Firm

Tom [Bradbury, CEO] is real, focused, connected to his clients. This isn’t just a business to him, it’s also about the relationship and that results in trust.”

– VP of IT, Software Company

I’ve seen them work side-by-side with very large, reputable consulting firms and clearly out-perform them.”

– CIO, Financial Technology Firm

Labrador is hard to beat when it comes to project management. They not only deliver on their part but also go above and beyond to make sure the other parties, including my own staff, are held to their responsibilities. They provide progress reports, reports with detailed measurements and potential risk for every possible action taken, and in some cases act on our behalf in critical meetings. I cannot think of an instance where they did not deliver.”

– CIO, National Electronic Stock Exchange

It was clear they were the smartest guys in the room for this very complex issue.”

– CIO, Financial Technology Firm

On our behalf, the Labrador team led the effort of getting an independent third-party to evaluate the facility and provide remedial steps. They represented our firm’s concerns in meetings, provided suggestions, many of which were implemented by the data center provider even though they had their own subject matter experts. At one point we experienced a problem – the fault of another provider – and Labrador knew exactly who to call to help the provider determine a solution and assure that we were protected against future incidents.”

– Chief Information Officer, Financial Services Firm

They’ve proven to be a good partner. They listened to our needs and made recommendations on what may work best for our business. They were honest on their delivery timeframe and kept us updated with their progress; all in all it’s been a great experience.”

– IT Planning & Facilities, Retail

The Labrador PM is a very strategic person. They never say no: they see the opportunities and they always respond with options.”

– CIO, Financial Technology Firm