Labrador Technology

From data center planning to AV consulting to global IT standards, we’re your partner.

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How we serve clients says everything about who we are.

Labrador’s service difference isn’t just a process or a product, it’s a set of values that supports every engagement. Our spirit of client advocacy and total transparency mean we facilitate an environment in which our clients can make informed decisions quickly, and feel confident about them for years to come.

Labrador collaborates with clients to help grow high-performance businesses.

  • What constitutes success and what are a project’s constraints? Our mandate to be accountable helps define the metrics that matter to you. We respect client schedules, budgets and timelines and deliver on our promises.
  • Technical expertise allows us to identify (and avoid) technical, process, and timing roadblocks others may not see, and deliver the customized solutions that perform to specification and beyond.
  • As we provide emerging solutions today, we are always keeping an eye on technology advancements for tomorrow. Labrador’s commitment to innovation ensures our solutions have a forward-looking approach to meet future goals, and are customized to tackle the challenge at hand.
  • Being responsive is ingrained in our DNA. Clients can count on us to keep them informed and to take concerns seriously. And our deep experience in this business helps us anticipate questions and deal with them before they become issues.
  • Flexibility is key in this industry. Whether we’re creating global IT standards amidst mergers and acquisitions, developing a converged infrastructure strategy, or undergoing a data center modernization as part of a larger business initiative, we understand that we’re not working alone. We’re here to serve client needs, help overcome obstacles, and react to today’s lighting-fast pace of change.

Over the years, we’ve found this service-oriented, transparent and collaborative system to result in better business outcomes, better partnerships, and more deeply loyal clients who want to work with us again and again.

Your success is our success.

Labrador’s highly experienced team understands the multitude of project interdependencies – and we know how to stay in front of the curve. No matter how complex the change, we’ll understand the impact, coordinate the elements, and advocate for the project.

We don’t resell hardware or software and we don’t have ties to a specific manufacturer or vendor. But we do have relationships that allow Labrador to match clients with the best solutions for their unique needs.

We call this Labrador’s vendor agnostic approach. »

They promised us people who knew what they were doing and would stand side by side with us, and they absolutely delivered.”

– VP of IT,
Financial Services Firm