Labrador Technology

Technically expert IT strategy consulting, project management and design.

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Technically complex IT strategy consulting, project management, and design.

Labrador Technology is an IT solutions consultant that helps organizations solve complex business issues. We’re technically expert, responsive to client needs and goals, and innovative in our problemsolving on your behalf.

Companies hire Labrador to navigate dynamic regional, national, and global market challenges.

We leverage technology to address some of the toughest business challenges that financial service firms, retail companies, healthcare organizations, law firms, media companies and educational institutions face. Headquartered in New York City, Labrador’s IT strategy consulting, technical design services, and technology program management help solve the business, facility and technology needs of sophisticated, enterprise and mid-size organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

A better IT consulting partner.

Our business is to help you run your business better. We help successful organizations become more successful by guiding clients through the complex interdependencies of technology, simplifying challenges, optimizing changes, connecting systems and processes, and freeing clients to focus on the business of the day.

How does Labrador translate technology into a business improvement? We:

  • Actively listen to client goals, obstacles and parameters, to help identify solutions and opportunities;
  • Define what constitutes a successful engagement at the outset, and get your buy-in;
  • Follow a plan of action, but remain flexible and open to new opportunities and evolving challenges;
  • Create, refine and implement processes that make your systems and communications align with your goals of stability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and more;
  • Deliver technical and business outcomes that match each client’s specific objectives and unique needs.

Adding critical value to every engagement.

Combining project management skill, expert knowledge of technology systems, and a true atmosphere of collaboration, Labrador Technology manages a host of challenging IT projects. Working closely with each client, our consultants provide strategic planning, feasibility studies, global standards, technology benchmarking and business continuity planning that affect the projects at hand as well as an organization’s over-arching operations.

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